JULY & AUG Updates and a natter!

Posted By on June 3, 2013

We have been snowed under with Doggies trying to get to spend their summer holidays with us during July & Aug, and im so very sorry to everyone who have been in touch over the last few months and i would have loved to have looked after everyone, but sadly we are full, we only have a few days here and there in between bookings, so if you wishing for only a few days (3/4 at most) we may be able help, but any longer im afraid we just cant do, if i had 100 kennels i would have still had to turn doggies away!

We are enjoying all our ‘newbies’ along with all our regular guests, young , old, fat , thin, tall , short, over the top, calm as a cucumber, we welcome all, i hate turning doggies away, but as you know we are a tiny boarding kennels (only 12 kennels) and we often get asked ‘ Will  you be building more kennels??’ The answer to that is NO, it would spoil what we have, we know each and every guest inside out, we thrive on building special friendships with all our guests, just by a bark or squeak, blindfolded ,me and my daughter Steph know who it is !

We are proud of our ‘tiny kennels’ we may not be for everyone and would never expect to be, but for those who choose to share their doggies with us, you are making our lives fullfilled and complete.

Many of you know that my mum has been battling cancer over the last few years, she has undergone radiotherepy, chemo and the most intrusive operation, a total layngectomy and trachyoptomy( think i may have spelt that wrong??) to remove the cancer from deep inside her neck last september, which sadly has not gone to plan, the whole thing has to be done again, so she still cant eat or drink, and now has no ability to speak, but another invasive op was meant to happen in may, but a week before was told that the cancer is back and there is no op for this one, so op to sort her last op out is now on hold as now back on the chemo, i would just like to say that its YOUR doggies that has kept me sane and calm, just being with them makes me smile, doggies are the best stress busters on the planet, the greatest distractions going !!!!!

Keep happy and healthy, hug your doggie everyday, walk with your doggie everyday, cause without us even knowing it, dogs are our therapists!!

Hope you all enjoy your summer holidays and have the best time ever

Sam xxx

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Looking Forward To Seeing All My Doggies , I have Missed Them So Much While We Were Closed!!!

Posted By on October 17, 2012

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding for us closing our kennels for 3 weeks, painting and the like would have been a nightmare with dogs bounding around, no matter how much you try dogs always seem to get themselves covered in your chosen shade, running off with your paint brush , somehow getting paint on their paws then trotting through the place without a care in the world!!

The kennels are looking smart and fresh, gone are the peach walls and we now have country cream to match our house exterior, just wonder how long before a mad waggy tail adornes the fresh paint with crabbs green mud lol!!

During the 3 weeks of closure, Ricky and I got in our Landrover ‘Hobo’ and headed off to the south of france camping, its was beautiful! not having been on holiday for around 5 years, this past year has been a waiting game, i myself was so very excited to be able to have a holiday, the last of our doggie guests left on the 7th sept, it was horrible!! no happy faces, no waggy tails, total silence fell around Crabbs Green Farm apart from the odd strange howl from Ice and Welly Barking at a huge log he was trying to pick up! ! Our kennels felt lonely, it even had an echo, on the Monday Nicky, Leanne and crew arrived to start painting our kennels ( if you ever need decorators you wont find better, and plus they are lovely to have around too! ) this broke the silence that fell on our kennels with chirpy conversation and happy in their work vibes.

Before our holiday i was thinking of all the lay in’s, did i lay in?? No lol we both were up just after sunrise which was rather annoying ,as much as i tried to lay in, eyes opened and that was it, out of bed kettle on , i found myself drawn to every french, dutch and german dog on the campsites we stayed at, a day couldnt go by without the need for me to touch soft fur , mostly the doggies were of small breeds, poo crosses, terrier mixes that kind of thing, watching dogs having a ball on the beach and playing in the sea was fun too, i was like ‘Rick look, that looks like so and so ‘ Rick kept saying ‘Sam your on holiday stop talking dog!’ to be honest i didnt even realise i was lol.

We travelled around, ate ‘moules & frites’ drank stupid amounts of wine ( i don’t drink at home, oh maybe a glass with my xmas dinner, cause i know the moment the glass touches my lips someone will need a vet trip! ) so i did indulge on the wine side of things, but luckily didnt wake with a banging head. Slowly we travelled up and we came across the most amazing river ( ceze) it totally took our breath away, the water was clear, full of fish that like to come over and scan every inch of your feet, huge gorges, stunning, we found a campsite along the river and stayed there about 3 days, you could have been anywhere in the world, there were eagles sailing up above, an array of dippers and the like, some birds sounded very prehistoric, not sure what they were as never got the chance to see what was making these strange sounds, and plus what was even better, being september, it was not overly busy, so you had that wild all alone feel, the sun was hot, it was totally perfect sitting next to and swimming in its slow running waters, water was a bit chilly the deeper you swam, but refreshing all the same.

While we were away Steph & Jack done a fab job of keeping the grass under control, painted our boys house, reception and the isolation block, i kept my promise of not phoning Steph every five minutes to see if my old pig Wilbur was ok, he is now 14 years old, and i hate to leave him, i know Steph would take great care of him, after all wilbur is a big part of her life too, but that doesnt stop me worrying about him, you know what its like, you are the only one in the world who knows how to take care of your animals!!

Monday the 1st of October arrived, not only did i turn the grand old age of 41, but that was the day when my doggies started to come back, Happy faces and waggy tails back in our kennels, the best birthday present of all, my lovely doggies, (well yours actually, sorry lol)  i really really missed them all, its when you go away you realise what you truly love in life, sitting next to that river was totally breath taking and tranquil, and i will go there again, but i love being home and caring for dogs, to me a world with no dogs is a world with no sunshine! thats what dogs are, sunshine, they make you feel good, they make you happy without ever expecting anything in return, i can sit on my bench with my Lab ‘Welly’ and when we look at eachother, a whole conversation has been spoken without a single sound leaving our mouths, just a feeling of love and togetherness, a bond like no other!!

Sam xx



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In Loving Memory Of Shandy

Posted By on June 7, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, the 6th June 2012 , one of my elderly guests passed away in my arms. Shandy was and will always be the most beautiful golden retriever, she was 13 years old.

Shandy and her friend Jasper, a king charles came once again for their holiday where they both enjoyed slow walks and pottering around in the garden. I would like to tell you about what was to be the last week of Shandy’s life.

On Thursday 31st may Shandy and Jasper arrived and ambled into the kennels, Shandy was suffering from mild bronchitis but was showing good signs and was over the worst her medication was helping.

Everyday Shandy would wander out of the kennels and have a potter round the garden, smelling lots of things, all the while Jasper being her shadow, where Shandy went Jasper followed, she also enjoyed wandering onto the common where the long grass was, to her this was the perfect place to roll in the grass, she loved to do that, in fact several times a day. As the week progressed she began to have mini energy bursts, rolling in the grass then getting up and having small bounds towards me, im sure she was trying to do the bum tucked in run, you could see it in her face, she looked so happy,she loved me scratching her back just where the tail starts, she curled her ears and looked at me as if to say ‘thats the spot’ both her and Jasper were enjoying their holiday.

The morning of the 6th came and as usual they both wandered into the garden to do their business, and as usual Jasper would wait for Shandy to pee, so he could then pee in the same spot as her, Shandy was just being Shandy, i did not expect what was coming that afternoon.

That afternoon the sun was shining (at last) and the birds were singing their hearts out , this was to be Shandy’s 4th walk of the day, her and Jasper once again wandered out of the kennels and went for their usual potter round the garden, nothing strange, after about 10mins Shandy came wandering over to me, but as she approached me she started to try and clear her throat, ‘alright Shandy, its alright ‘ i was saying, she had done this a few times during the week (bronchitis) but this time it seemed different, her breathing changed, i phoned her mum at once,’i need to call a vet to Shandy’ ok was the relpy, i phoned the vets , they were on their way before i had even finished talking to the receptionist, but i knew deep down what was about to happen,  Shandy walked slowly to the patio outside reception, she sat down, i sat with her, she then layed down, i craddled her in my arms stroking her face…………………………………The sun shone and for once gave the most glorious warmth, i buried my face in Shandy’s soft face tears wetting her fur, i spent a few moments holding her after which my husband, son and i gently moved her into reception, the vets arrived but she had already drifted off into forever sleep in my arms. With tears in my eyes i explained what had happened, ‘it was just her time to go’ the vets said .

The vets phoned Shandy’s mum from reception and spoke to her, i was then passed the phone,’ she was in my arms’ i cried, i so wanted to be strong for her mum’s sake, as you can imagen she was in pieces, after tears from both ends of the phone, Shandy’s mum said the most kindest words anyone could have said ‘ im so glad she died in your arms, that she was not alone’

My heart goes out to Shandy’s mum, and i thank her from the bottom of my heart that she gave me the chance to share in a tiny part of Shandy’s life, to build a bond, to love her. Shandy i will never forget you, may you be free to roll in heavens meadows under the bluest sun filled sky, where the birds sing with all they have, and that now you will once again be able to do a bum tucked in run .

Sam xx


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YIPPIE……ASHLEIGH & PUDSEY WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By on May 12, 2012

I so so happy!!!

The lovely, cute Pudsey won Britains got talent 2012, what an amazing little dog!

Ashleigh you are amazing yourself, the love and bond that you two share brings tears to my eyes, also, watching the clip of you opening your present to discover the cutest pup inside , the look on your face of sheer happiness and disbelief also brought tears to my eyes!

I voted for these two all the way through and i was on the edge of my seat when it came to name the winner, Pudsey was not only amazing doing his routines, but for this little dog to be so at home on stage with all the lights, loud music, cheering and hundreds of people was amazing in itself, Ashleigh must have worked so hard as they performed different routines everytime, and spot on everytime too!



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Please Help!! Honey needs a new home

Posted By on March 29, 2012

Are you looking for a new dog?? do you know anyone looking for a new dog??

Let me introduce ‘Honey’, Sadly her family are unable to keep her as their new landlord forbids dogs! (mean person)

Honey has stayed with us a few times, she is bouncy, fun loving and i enjoyed her company very much, she liked to chase the butterflies in the meadow lol, she is a x breed about the size of a Lab, she loves attension and gives plenty of love in return, if you or someone you know like the sound of this beautiful girl, please give me a ring on 07799031860 or drop me an email info@crabbsgreenfarm.co.uk  and i will pass on Honey’s owners phone number so you can find out more about her.

Hopefully Honey will find a great home full of love and fun quickly ,  as sadly , she may end up at a rescue centre, please spread the word about this lovely dog, the whole situation is very sad and her family are in bits x

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Hoping you all enjoyed the festivites

Posted By on January 11, 2012

Wow, Christmas and New Year came and passed so very quickly , in a blink of my eye all was done and dusted !

We enjoyed a wonderful and busy Christmas , the kennels were decked out with lights gently glowing inside along the entire length of the kennels, along with christmas tree and stockings and christmas baskets filled with yummy snacks, this year our christmas was shared with a mix of wonderful, beautiful doggies, staying this year were, Murphy the retriever with his mate Duke the staff,  Beau the most handsome Dogue Du Bordeux, Ellie the beautiful elderly Welsh Springer, Boycey the cutest staff you could ever meet, Alan the Greyhound, Poor Alan’s holiday this time was a lot different to previous stays as a few weeks before he was due to come here he was sadly hit by a car, the result, his back leg broken in 2 places, so this time round was on very strict and limited amount of exercise,bascially nips out to go to the loo, but he made improvements every day, the vet came and took out his staples and was happy with his progress,  he came on leaps and bounds, yes we had fun and games to stop him jumping around the better he become, he was totally spolit, loved his bed puffed up several times a day but all in all was such a good boy, hopefully his pins should be removed very shortly and soon will once again be running like the speed of light everwhere!

Olive the dalmation, Bonnie & Bitsy the Newfoundland girls, Jockey the Border Collie, Meg the Kelpie x and Murphy the Spaniel/terrier x and last but not least Harvey the diabetic springer spaniel all enjoyed their Christmas walkies, and all enjoyed (except poor Harvey) scoffing their Christmas dinner leaving shiny bowls and once again Santa filled their stockings with tasty things ! and those that joined us for New Year were Brad the rottie, Mollie the Gsd and Kaiser the rottie, Carly the cocker, Cassie the xbreed and Star the beautiful Ridgeback, our whole festive period was spent with your gorgeous dogs, my kind of christmas, surrounded by dogs! 

And for our own boys Ice & Welly, a whole roasted leg of lamb each, they trotted off to different parts of the garden to settle somewhere comfy to enjoy every mouthful!!

As for myself, i was over the moon Christmas morning, for under the tree was a big present with my name on it, i unwrapped and inside was a Latte Machine!!!!!!! i love Latte’s, vanilla ones, gingerbread ones, plain ones , i love to froth the milk right up, thinking i need to switch to decaf, my caffine intake has been huge, suprised i can sleep at night lol!

I must say a huge thankyou to everyone that sent us amazing christmas cards we loved them all , opening envelopes and seeing your doggies pictures on the cards was lovely, thankyou so much for taking the time to do this!!!

Bit disappointed with the weather, as usual i was hoping for a white one, not mild and damp, but i suppose its what you make it, i hope we do see some snow , i just love the stuff, but looking out today its more like spring, saying that my hanging baskets have started to flower??  But on the up side to this weather, i have not found the need to stable my horses at night, i have just opened up the yard so they can get out of the wind, very sheltered in the yard and a real suntrap even now.

The 2nd of Jan came and the phone did not stop ringing, (you are all so super organised lol!)  the bookings spanning the whole year, even this coming Christmas/ new year ! places are going quickly, so if you wish for your doggies to holiday with us, booking sooner than later would be a good idea, i only have 2 places left for Feb half term, lots that phoned asked ‘are we taking bookings for the summer yet?’   Answer… We take bookings as far in advance as your plans!

Also if i may be cheeky and ask, as we have now been open for 2 years, to all that have used us, are you happy with our service?? Is there something else you wish we could do for your doggies?? Have we kept our standards high ?? How was your doggies when you took them home?? Do you think your doggies like coming here?? Have you felt we have let you down in anyway?? Good or bad we would like to know, we may think we are doing a good job but its you the owners that can answer that, so please if you can spare a few minutes drop me an email or letter with your thoughts, be truthful, we want to give your doggies the best enjoyable stay we possibly can, and im so sorry its been so long since my last post, we have had a nightmare with our internet connection, its been a real hit and miss if we managed to get online, but fingers crossed its all fixed and is running the best it ever has!

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Posted By on October 14, 2011

Hadham Lodge are taken orders for their totally Superb Bronze Turkeys, lovingly raised by old fashioned methods, these turkeys grow slowly on a totally natural diet.

Christmas dinner being ,  i would say , the most important meal of the year deserves the best tasting Turkey, and im not the best cook on the planet, but i brought a Turkey from Hadham Lodge (nr Tescos in Bishops Stortford ) for last years Christmas Dinner and it was AMAZING!  juicy , moist with so much flavor, i was so pleased with myself, it was the best Turkey i have ever cooked or eaten!   no i hadn’t swallowed ‘Nigella’s ‘ how to cook the perfect Christmas Turkey, its was down to Hadham Lodge’s Turkey!  i have just submitted my order for this year !

Take a look at their website  www.farmturkeys.com   So  in short,  for the best tasting Christmas Turkey , happy faces around the table, not having to smother your meat in gravy, give Hadham Lodge a go,  the proof is in the pudding, ( well Christmas dinner ) !

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Christmas Holidays & New Year 2011

Posted By on October 13, 2011

We are now fully booked for Christmas & New Year,

We do have other dates available up until the 17th Dec and remember we do offer doggie daycare (subject to space) so your doggies can have fun while you battle your way through the Christmas shopping crowds lol Oh what fun, tis the season to be jolly !!

DAYCARE PRICES ARE £15 FOR ONE DOG, £25 FOR 2 DOGS (SHARING)   they are welcome to have their tea here too at no extra cost!

Daycare times   9am – 6pm monday – friday          saturdays 9am – 5pm         sundays    10am – 4pm

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R.I.P You will be sadly missed.

Posted By on June 22, 2011

This is the part of my job i loath , the phone ringing or picking up an email and a distraught mum or dad informing me that their beautiful dog has gone into forever sleep, i really do feel for you, and i too find the news very upsetting, but i would just like to thankyou so much for letting share a little of your doggies life, so typing with tears in my eyes i would just like to say goodbyes and sleep tight to:

Pepper…… The black lab, who just treated here as home and me as her mum, she like to come with me to feed the chickens and pigs, and was the first dog i ever started to care for before kennels were even built x

Bramble……….The elderly black lab, she loved to potter round the garden and lay in the sunshine, she was a real lady! x

Charlie……….the cocker spainel, Charlie was a happy old boy, hated going for walks so he never went, but loved to potter round the garden and kennels, he mapped out a route and this is what he stuck to, then when he had enough would take himself back to bed x

The death of our dogs rips our hearts out, the pain we feel is overwhelming, and sometimes its made harder when its us thats has to make decisions, we all want our dogs to live long happy healthy lives, and hope that when the time comes, they will just curl up happy in their beds and fall into forever sleep, but sadly sometimes we do have to end pain and misery that our dogs are going through, if there is no light at the end of the tunnel it seems the only thing we can do is to let them go, for keeping them alive with no quaility of life whatsoever is purely for ourselves because we just can’t bear to let them go, we will miss them too much, if fact if you really think about it, to keep them in a living hell when there is no other road to take is quite selfish of us humans, cause i know, if i was in that much of a state with no light at the end of the tunnel and no quality of life i too would want to sleep forever.

There is nothing anyone can say or do to make us feel better about losing our dogs and we have all said ‘right, thats it , im not getting another dog, i cant cope with this’!  but it does get better, day by day, week by week, time is a healer, and one day we can once again look at the photos we shoved to the back of the cupboard with smiles, of all the things our doggies got up to, memories of ripped up clothes and shoes, digging huge holes in the garden the list goes on!  and then you realise that your home is just not the same without muddy paw prints and the contents of the bin covering the kitchen floor, so before long a new pup or rescue dog once again puts a new lease of life back into your home, your life, but that doesn’t mean we have gotten over our grief, we shall never forgot the doggies we have shared our life with, they make such a huge impact on us it would be impossible to forget,  the new pup or dog is never a replacement, they are themselves, but the empty feeling does in most cases need replacing, and so a new chapter begins, and before long we will be moaning about the mess, soggy dog smells and hair, but we just can’t help ourselves!

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Posted By on June 22, 2011

PLEASE HELP!! This lovely Doberman was taken from his garden in the Chelmsford area roughly 6 months ago, his owners are beside themselves with worry and sadness and pray for his safe return or news whatever the outcome, we can all understand the stress they must be feeling, there must be someone out there that knows something!!

Do you know anyone that has taken on/been sold a Doberman within the last 6 months?   he is microchipped, castrated, taller than average (long legged) about 2-3 years old , so please if you know where he is/was or have any snippet of information then please please get in touch, you can contact the owners numbers which are 07508318901 or 07757130975 , if you do not wish to contact owners directly then please get in touch with myself on either 01279777163 or 07799031860 (sam)  there is a £1000 reward, he is a very much loved boy who is greatly missed by his family, we will ask no questions about yourself and please if you do have him, you can always drop him off here, many thanks sam xx

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