‘Do we bring our dog’s food?’

Posted By on August 31, 2010

Here at Crabbs Green Farm we supply a range of foods, we had to think long and hard about this as there is a huge amount of dog foods on the market, but we have chosen what we think are the most popular, and in addition what we think are good foods.

We can’t stock every brand it would be impossible, so below is what we do stock:

BURNS , ARDEN GRANGE (including pup, Arden Grange is my personal favorite, we feed our own dogs on this)  , HILLS DRY , ROYAL CANIN , EUKENUBA  , IAMS,  PEDIGREE COMPLETE AND TINNED, CHAPPIE COMPLETE AND TINNED, BETA , SUPADOG , JAMES WELLBELOVED , MAC COMPLETE AND TINNED ( if we ever find a doggy has gone off their food we mix in a small amount of the meat, it works everytime!), EVERYDAY DOG MIXER AND TINNED MEAT IN JELLY, EVERDAY DOG GOLD COMPLETE, SYMPLY ,  NATURE DIET MEAT (most flavors, fantastic for sensitive tums, our own dogs also have this, ice our malamute loves the salmon and prawn) , WE ALSO KEEP FROZEN TRIPE AND ALSO NATURAL INSTINCTS RAW FOOD, We provide all bowls for your dog, but if you wish them to use their own bowls thats fine, if possible please put names on them.

If your doggy has a different food and you wish them to stay on that diet then please supply, you can choose whats nearest to the food you give them, but only do this if you know that their tummy won’t be affected by change, we also supply bickies, but you are welcome to bring any additional foods/treats you would like your doggy to have while here, lots of owners bring ham, cooked chicken in portions, cubed cheese, yoghurt, cooked lamb in portions, gravy, rice, eggs, tuna, sardines, smoked salmon, trout, caviar,digestive biscuits, dentasticks, bones……… the list goes on!  whatever you supply we will give to your dog when you want them to have it,  just give me a note telling me when.

Hope this has answered your questions on feeding , but please feel free to contact me if you have any worries about the feeding side of things .

Sam xx

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