Happy 1st Birthday to us!

Posted By on December 1, 2010

Today, the 1st of December 2010 we have been open 1 year, and this first year has been totally amazing!

Its still hard to believe 12 months have passed so quickly , quite scary infact, still as the saying goes ‘time flies when your having fun’! and even though we are running a business it has not felt like it, surely going to work everyday of the week with no days off would become a chore but i can honestly say that everyday has been fun, yes its hard work and very long hours but being with your doggies has made everyday a real pleasure, i look forward to what each day brings as no two days are the same, well they are in some respects in the fact i know i will have a great time, that i will laugh alot and continually smile throughout the day and thats all down to caring for your loveable, funny,nutty,mad, looney,loopy,cuddly and sweet doggies!

From the bottom of my heart i thank everyone that has entrusted us with their beautiful dogs, and i really hope your doggies had a great stay with us and i also thankyou for giving us a wonderful 1st year, for all your kind words , the support you have given us and sharing your doggies with us, this was once a dream and now im living my dream, yes i do pinch myself now and then, im am the luckiest person alive, i love my job, when i think about all the people stuck in offices, on trains/tubes, stuck in traffic on the motorway etc i look around and what do i see?…….. doggies looking back at me with happy tails wagging or watching them running through meadows , strolling through the woods, even when its bitterly cold like now i still love to be outside making sure all the doggies in my care are happy and loved, then coming back and getting them all snug and comfy in their beds.

It has been a real honor and pleasure to care for your doggies, so once again Thankyou so much for choosing us, and from all of us here at Crabbs Green Farm ,we really hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year, and may all your hopes and dreams come true…………..Mine did!!!!

Sam xxx

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