Hoping you all enjoyed the festivites

Posted By on January 11, 2012

Wow, Christmas and New Year came and passed so very quickly , in a blink of my eye all was done and dusted !

We enjoyed a wonderful and busy Christmas , the kennels were decked out with lights gently glowing inside along the entire length of the kennels, along with christmas tree and stockings and christmas baskets filled with yummy snacks, this year our christmas was shared with a mix of wonderful, beautiful doggies, staying this year were, Murphy the retriever with his mate Duke the staff,  Beau the most handsome Dogue Du Bordeux, Ellie the beautiful elderly Welsh Springer, Boycey the cutest staff you could ever meet, Alan the Greyhound, Poor Alan’s holiday this time was a lot different to previous stays as a few weeks before he was due to come here he was sadly hit by a car, the result, his back leg broken in 2 places, so this time round was on very strict and limited amount of exercise,bascially nips out to go to the loo, but he made improvements every day, the vet came and took out his staples and was happy with his progress,  he came on leaps and bounds, yes we had fun and games to stop him jumping around the better he become, he was totally spolit, loved his bed puffed up several times a day but all in all was such a good boy, hopefully his pins should be removed very shortly and soon will once again be running like the speed of light everwhere!

Olive the dalmation, Bonnie & Bitsy the Newfoundland girls, Jockey the Border Collie, Meg the Kelpie x and Murphy the Spaniel/terrier x and last but not least Harvey the diabetic springer spaniel all enjoyed their Christmas walkies, and all enjoyed (except poor Harvey) scoffing their Christmas dinner leaving shiny bowls and once again Santa filled their stockings with tasty things ! and those that joined us for New Year were Brad the rottie, Mollie the Gsd and Kaiser the rottie, Carly the cocker, Cassie the xbreed and Star the beautiful Ridgeback, our whole festive period was spent with your gorgeous dogs, my kind of christmas, surrounded by dogs! 

And for our own boys Ice & Welly, a whole roasted leg of lamb each, they trotted off to different parts of the garden to settle somewhere comfy to enjoy every mouthful!!

As for myself, i was over the moon Christmas morning, for under the tree was a big present with my name on it, i unwrapped and inside was a Latte Machine!!!!!!! i love Latte’s, vanilla ones, gingerbread ones, plain ones , i love to froth the milk right up, thinking i need to switch to decaf, my caffine intake has been huge, suprised i can sleep at night lol!

I must say a huge thankyou to everyone that sent us amazing christmas cards we loved them all , opening envelopes and seeing your doggies pictures on the cards was lovely, thankyou so much for taking the time to do this!!!

Bit disappointed with the weather, as usual i was hoping for a white one, not mild and damp, but i suppose its what you make it, i hope we do see some snow , i just love the stuff, but looking out today its more like spring, saying that my hanging baskets have started to flower??  But on the up side to this weather, i have not found the need to stable my horses at night, i have just opened up the yard so they can get out of the wind, very sheltered in the yard and a real suntrap even now.

The 2nd of Jan came and the phone did not stop ringing, (you are all so super organised lol!)  the bookings spanning the whole year, even this coming Christmas/ new year ! places are going quickly, so if you wish for your doggies to holiday with us, booking sooner than later would be a good idea, i only have 2 places left for Feb half term, lots that phoned asked ‘are we taking bookings for the summer yet?’   Answer… We take bookings as far in advance as your plans!

Also if i may be cheeky and ask, as we have now been open for 2 years, to all that have used us, are you happy with our service?? Is there something else you wish we could do for your doggies?? Have we kept our standards high ?? How was your doggies when you took them home?? Do you think your doggies like coming here?? Have you felt we have let you down in anyway?? Good or bad we would like to know, we may think we are doing a good job but its you the owners that can answer that, so please if you can spare a few minutes drop me an email or letter with your thoughts, be truthful, we want to give your doggies the best enjoyable stay we possibly can, and im so sorry its been so long since my last post, we have had a nightmare with our internet connection, its been a real hit and miss if we managed to get online, but fingers crossed its all fixed and is running the best it ever has!

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