In Loving Memory Of Shandy

Posted By on June 7, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, the 6th June 2012 , one of my elderly guests passed away in my arms. Shandy was and will always be the most beautiful golden retriever, she was 13 years old.

Shandy and her friend Jasper, a king charles came once again for their holiday where they both enjoyed slow walks and pottering around in the garden. I would like to tell you about what was to be the last week of Shandy’s life.

On Thursday 31st may Shandy and Jasper arrived and ambled into the kennels, Shandy was suffering from mild bronchitis but was showing good signs and was over the worst her medication was helping.

Everyday Shandy would wander out of the kennels and have a potter round the garden, smelling lots of things, all the while Jasper being her shadow, where Shandy went Jasper followed, she also enjoyed wandering onto the common where the long grass was, to her this was the perfect place to roll in the grass, she loved to do that, in fact several times a day. As the week progressed she began to have mini energy bursts, rolling in the grass then getting up and having small bounds towards me, im sure she was trying to do the bum tucked in run, you could see it in her face, she looked so happy,she loved me scratching her back just where the tail starts, she curled her ears and looked at me as if to say ‘thats the spot’ both her and Jasper were enjoying their holiday.

The morning of the 6th came and as usual they both wandered into the garden to do their business, and as usual Jasper would wait for Shandy to pee, so he could then pee in the same spot as her, Shandy was just being Shandy, i did not expect what was coming that afternoon.

That afternoon the sun was shining (at last) and the birds were singing their hearts out , this was to be Shandy’s 4th walk of the day, her and Jasper once again wandered out of the kennels and went for their usual potter round the garden, nothing strange, after about 10mins Shandy came wandering over to me, but as she approached me she started to try and clear her throat, ‘alright Shandy, its alright ‘ i was saying, she had done this a few times during the week (bronchitis) but this time it seemed different, her breathing changed, i phoned her mum at once,’i need to call a vet to Shandy’ ok was the relpy, i phoned the vets , they were on their way before i had even finished talking to the receptionist, but i knew deep down what was about to happen,  Shandy walked slowly to the patio outside reception, she sat down, i sat with her, she then layed down, i craddled her in my arms stroking her face…………………………………The sun shone and for once gave the most glorious warmth, i buried my face in Shandy’s soft face tears wetting her fur, i spent a few moments holding her after which my husband, son and i gently moved her into reception, the vets arrived but she had already drifted off into forever sleep in my arms. With tears in my eyes i explained what had happened, ‘it was just her time to go’ the vets said .

The vets phoned Shandy’s mum from reception and spoke to her, i was then passed the phone,’ she was in my arms’ i cried, i so wanted to be strong for her mum’s sake, as you can imagen she was in pieces, after tears from both ends of the phone, Shandy’s mum said the most kindest words anyone could have said ‘ im so glad she died in your arms, that she was not alone’

My heart goes out to Shandy’s mum, and i thank her from the bottom of my heart that she gave me the chance to share in a tiny part of Shandy’s life, to build a bond, to love her. Shandy i will never forget you, may you be free to roll in heavens meadows under the bluest sun filled sky, where the birds sing with all they have, and that now you will once again be able to do a bum tucked in run .

Sam xx


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