JULY & AUG Updates and a natter!

Posted By on June 3, 2013

We have been snowed under with Doggies trying to get to spend their summer holidays with us during July & Aug, and im so very sorry to everyone who have been in touch over the last few months and i would have loved to have looked after everyone, but sadly we are full, we only have a few days here and there in between bookings, so if you wishing for only a few days (3/4 at most) we may be able help, but any longer im afraid we just cant do, if i had 100 kennels i would have still had to turn doggies away!

We are enjoying all our ‘newbies’ along with all our regular guests, young , old, fat , thin, tall , short, over the top, calm as a cucumber, we welcome all, i hate turning doggies away, but as you know we are a tiny boarding kennels (only 12 kennels) and we often get asked ‘ Will  you be building more kennels??’ The answer to that is NO, it would spoil what we have, we know each and every guest inside out, we thrive on building special friendships with all our guests, just by a bark or squeak, blindfolded ,me and my daughter Steph know who it is !

We are proud of our ‘tiny kennels’ we may not be for everyone and would never expect to be, but for those who choose to share their doggies with us, you are making our lives fullfilled and complete.

Many of you know that my mum has been battling cancer over the last few years, she has undergone radiotherepy, chemo and the most intrusive operation, a total layngectomy and trachyoptomy( think i may have spelt that wrong??) to remove the cancer from deep inside her neck last september, which sadly has not gone to plan, the whole thing has to be done again, so she still cant eat or drink, and now has no ability to speak, but another invasive op was meant to happen in may, but a week before was told that the cancer is back and there is no op for this one, so op to sort her last op out is now on hold as now back on the chemo, i would just like to say that its YOUR doggies that has kept me sane and calm, just being with them makes me smile, doggies are the best stress busters on the planet, the greatest distractions going !!!!!

Keep happy and healthy, hug your doggie everyday, walk with your doggie everyday, cause without us even knowing it, dogs are our therapists!!

Hope you all enjoy your summer holidays and have the best time ever

Sam xxx

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