July/Aug & Christmas Bookings (not yet surely i hear you cry!)

Posted By on June 21, 2011

Hello, hoping you and your doggies are all in good health!

So sorry to disapoint, but we have very limited dates left for July and Aug, we have some spaces left from the 5th- 11th july thats it im afraid, the rest of July is fully booked, as for Aug we only have 2 kennels available for 1st aug-4th aug,  1 kennel available for 7th- 11th aug, 1 kennel available 16th- 20th aug at (this moment in time)  we start to have some kennels available from the 29th aug into sept.

Can you believe its nearly July! the months are whizzing by, and have a feeling that our summer has been and gone weather wise, i was praying for rain, the ground was like a desert, big cracks and sunburnt crispy grass, bloody weeds kept growing though, may looked more like the end of August,but now the rain and coolness is back i want the sun and warmth back, i was even tempted to light my fire last weekend to feel cosy!

The doggies have been having a great time, some have once again enjoyed the black stinky gloop round the edge of the ponds, playing and smearing themselves from head to foot which in turn sends them into a mad half hour, and if you had seen the outcome of 3 loopy doggies running through the entire kennels covered in this stuff, OH MY GOD!!!  im just so glad no one turned up to view, Mac the westie, Archie the cocker and Grace the black lab had the time of their lives bundling through the kennels , there was black gloop up the walls, all over the floors, the washing machine and tumble got a good splattering, as did the white shinny kitchen, oh and the fridge didn’t escape!  but if you had seen their faces, you too would had forgiven them, they all oozed total happiness, Mac was the worst affected, he looked more like a scottie dog than a westie, it was funny and even though we cleaned up im still finding black spots here and there!  doggies were also hosed down, Archie is a kind of blue roan/tri/white cocker, but when he was covered in the gloop he did look very much like sweep, you know the dog from sooty and sweep lol!

Changing the subject, and i know its only the 21st of June but Bookings for the Christmas holidays are starting to come in, so if you wish for your doggie to spend Christmas/New years with us and to avoid disapointment booking sooner rather than later would be a good idea, i can’t even think of next week, let alone Christmas, but we are now taking bookings, we only have 6 kennels left available for Christmas itself, and once again your doggies will feast on turkey with all the trimmings and enjoy the goodies left by Santa in their very own stockings! ( can’t believe im even talking about Christmas!!)

Hoping you all enjoy your holidays !!

bye for now xx

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July/Aug & Christmas Bookings (not yet surely i hear you cry!), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating