Looking Forward To Seeing All My Doggies , I have Missed Them So Much While We Were Closed!!!

Posted By on October 17, 2012

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding for us closing our kennels for 3 weeks, painting and the like would have been a nightmare with dogs bounding around, no matter how much you try dogs always seem to get themselves covered in your chosen shade, running off with your paint brush , somehow getting paint on their paws then trotting through the place without a care in the world!!

The kennels are looking smart and fresh, gone are the peach walls and we now have country cream to match our house exterior, just wonder how long before a mad waggy tail adornes the fresh paint with crabbs green mud lol!!

During the 3 weeks of closure, Ricky and I got in our Landrover ‘Hobo’ and headed off to the south of france camping, its was beautiful! not having been on holiday for around 5 years, this past year has been a waiting game, i myself was so very excited to be able to have a holiday, the last of our doggie guests left on the 7th sept, it was horrible!! no happy faces, no waggy tails, total silence fell around Crabbs Green Farm apart from the odd strange howl from Ice and Welly Barking at a huge log he was trying to pick up! ! Our kennels felt lonely, it even had an echo, on the Monday Nicky, Leanne and crew arrived to start painting our kennels ( if you ever need decorators you wont find better, and plus they are lovely to have around too! ) this broke the silence that fell on our kennels with chirpy conversation and happy in their work vibes.

Before our holiday i was thinking of all the lay in’s, did i lay in?? No lol we both were up just after sunrise which was rather annoying ,as much as i tried to lay in, eyes opened and that was it, out of bed kettle on , i found myself drawn to every french, dutch and german dog on the campsites we stayed at, a day couldnt go by without the need for me to touch soft fur , mostly the doggies were of small breeds, poo crosses, terrier mixes that kind of thing, watching dogs having a ball on the beach and playing in the sea was fun too, i was like ‘Rick look, that looks like so and so ‘ Rick kept saying ‘Sam your on holiday stop talking dog!’ to be honest i didnt even realise i was lol.

We travelled around, ate ‘moules & frites’ drank stupid amounts of wine ( i don’t drink at home, oh maybe a glass with my xmas dinner, cause i know the moment the glass touches my lips someone will need a vet trip! ) so i did indulge on the wine side of things, but luckily didnt wake with a banging head. Slowly we travelled up and we came across the most amazing river ( ceze) it totally took our breath away, the water was clear, full of fish that like to come over and scan every inch of your feet, huge gorges, stunning, we found a campsite along the river and stayed there about 3 days, you could have been anywhere in the world, there were eagles sailing up above, an array of dippers and the like, some birds sounded very prehistoric, not sure what they were as never got the chance to see what was making these strange sounds, and plus what was even better, being september, it was not overly busy, so you had that wild all alone feel, the sun was hot, it was totally perfect sitting next to and swimming in its slow running waters, water was a bit chilly the deeper you swam, but refreshing all the same.

While we were away Steph & Jack done a fab job of keeping the grass under control, painted our boys house, reception and the isolation block, i kept my promise of not phoning Steph every five minutes to see if my old pig Wilbur was ok, he is now 14 years old, and i hate to leave him, i know Steph would take great care of him, after all wilbur is a big part of her life too, but that doesnt stop me worrying about him, you know what its like, you are the only one in the world who knows how to take care of your animals!!

Monday the 1st of October arrived, not only did i turn the grand old age of 41, but that was the day when my doggies started to come back, Happy faces and waggy tails back in our kennels, the best birthday present of all, my lovely doggies, (well yours actually, sorry lol)  i really really missed them all, its when you go away you realise what you truly love in life, sitting next to that river was totally breath taking and tranquil, and i will go there again, but i love being home and caring for dogs, to me a world with no dogs is a world with no sunshine! thats what dogs are, sunshine, they make you feel good, they make you happy without ever expecting anything in return, i can sit on my bench with my Lab ‘Welly’ and when we look at eachother, a whole conversation has been spoken without a single sound leaving our mouths, just a feeling of love and togetherness, a bond like no other!!

Sam xx



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