My message to all the kids of the family, (big or small!)

Posted By on July 7, 2010

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Hi kids, i know how it feels when your mum and dad plan a holiday and your all excited until they say ‘ and we must book the dog into kennels’! if you are like me when i was a kid its your worst nightmare ever! but mum i would plead, they will hate it, they will be locked up all the time, and who’s gonna play with them, who’s gonna give them cuddles, and they will forget all the tricks i’ve taught them, they will be lonely and cry! and your mum and dad say ‘they will be fine’ but you have already made your mind up that they are going to have the worst time ever.

Then its the day you have to take your best friend to the horrible prison, you already hate the people at the kennels before you have even met them!( well i did) you hand over your best friend and burst into tears, you leave being dragged away by your mum or dad, and sit in silence all the way home.

Please please don’t be afraid, cause even though im grown up i still have the kid in me! your best friend will hopefully become one of my best friends and i will love and cuddle them so much that they won’t feel lonely or scared, and as for all the tricks you have taught them, you tell me and show me and i will make sure they practice everyday and maybe even learn a few more as a surprise for you when you get back!, when you go on holiday i promise to you that your doggy will have an awesome time here,football, fetch, swimming,chasing rabbits, tug or war, hide and seek and lots more! ¬†you can send your doggy emails or postcards and i will make sure they get them, i can even send you emails and pictures of them on their holiday,so just think about it, and maybe, just maybe you will feel a bit better about being apart, come and see me and tell me all about your dog and what you do together, and who knows, you may even get to like us a bit!!

Sam x

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My message to all the kids of the family, (big or small!), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating