R.I.P You will be sadly missed.

Posted By on June 22, 2011

This is the part of my job i loath , the phone ringing or picking up an email and a distraught mum or dad informing me that their beautiful dog has gone into forever sleep, i really do feel for you, and i too find the news very upsetting, but i would just like to thankyou so much for letting share a little of your doggies life, so typing with tears in my eyes i would just like to say goodbyes and sleep tight to:

Pepper…… The black lab, who just treated here as home and me as her mum, she like to come with me to feed the chickens and pigs, and was the first dog i ever started to care for before kennels were even built x

Bramble……….The elderly black lab, she loved to potter round the garden and lay in the sunshine, she was a real lady! x

Charlie……….the cocker spainel, Charlie was a happy old boy, hated going for walks so he never went, but loved to potter round the garden and kennels, he mapped out a route and this is what he stuck to, then when he had enough would take himself back to bed x

The death of our dogs rips our hearts out, the pain we feel is overwhelming, and sometimes its made harder when its us thats has to make decisions, we all want our dogs to live long happy healthy lives, and hope that when the time comes, they will just curl up happy in their beds and fall into forever sleep, but sadly sometimes we do have to end pain and misery that our dogs are going through, if there is no light at the end of the tunnel it seems the only thing we can do is to let them go, for keeping them alive with no quaility of life whatsoever is purely for ourselves because we just can’t bear to let them go, we will miss them too much, if fact if you really think about it, to keep them in a living hell when there is no other road to take is quite selfish of us humans, cause i know, if i was in that much of a state with no light at the end of the tunnel and no quality of life i too would want to sleep forever.

There is nothing anyone can say or do to make us feel better about losing our dogs and we have all said ‘right, thats it , im not getting another dog, i cant cope with this’!  but it does get better, day by day, week by week, time is a healer, and one day we can once again look at the photos we shoved to the back of the cupboard with smiles, of all the things our doggies got up to, memories of ripped up clothes and shoes, digging huge holes in the garden the list goes on!  and then you realise that your home is just not the same without muddy paw prints and the contents of the bin covering the kitchen floor, so before long a new pup or rescue dog once again puts a new lease of life back into your home, your life, but that doesn’t mean we have gotten over our grief, we shall never forgot the doggies we have shared our life with, they make such a huge impact on us it would be impossible to forget,  the new pup or dog is never a replacement, they are themselves, but the empty feeling does in most cases need replacing, and so a new chapter begins, and before long we will be moaning about the mess, soggy dog smells and hair, but we just can’t help ourselves!

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