Too Hot To Trot!

Posted By on June 21, 2010

Never happy, too hot, too cold, why can’t we just have inbetween!

Just got back from a long walk with Mozart a chocolate lab, now he is ball mad and will run round in circles until you throw the ball, but like me poor Mozart is feeling the heat, so we have just been walking slowly in the shade of the trees, but my face has still been sweating and every bug you can think of has stuck to it!    Mozart is ok as he has just had a dip in the pond and looks all refreshed and now on his bed with his beloved tennis ball , its feels nice to be in the coolness of the kennels! Arthur the big chunky monkey of a staff is next for walkies, will hose him off when we get back, he not much of a swimmer, but he does enjoy being soaked by hose pipe, and Millie the black lab is laying in the shade under the big tree in the paddock fast asleep, she enjoys having her afternoon nap there, she has made that her spot!

Lottie the bedlington terrier went home this morning, i really enjoyed her company and her cheeky monkey antics , she has made me laugh so much , really going to miss her!

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