We finally got married!

Posted By on March 18, 2011

After 21 years, Ricky and i finally wed, this must have been the longest engagement in history! so as from the 14th march 2011 i am now Mrs Samantha Howe.

The sun shone and it was a lovely day, can’t say much for today though, i know we are still in winter and im not expecting come March the 21st to be bathed everyday in spring sunshine, but these little snippets of spring we have been having is giving me hope that soon we shall be free of dark gloomy days, mud, coats and boots.

The dogs also enjoy the fine weather, they too have a spring in their steps, and as we walk i can see nature starting to wake up from its long winter slumber, shoots from beneath the surface, buds on the trees and the birds are busy too clearing out last years nests from the boxes, in preparation of this years clutch, for me this seems to have been a long winter, and i am welcoming spring with open arms, for blossom and lushness, for warmth and long days, i know its on its way and i will have mud free kennels and lovely dry clean doggies, to be able to wear trainers again such bliss!¬†hurry up mother nature ,please don’t keep teasing us with small moments of whats to come, hurry up and give us the real deal now!

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