Wish i was a dog!

Posted By on June 28, 2010


All our doggy guests and my own dogs have enjoyed the coolness of the ponds, some swim round and explore the island while others just lay with their heads just above the water, and in this hot weather i too feel very tempted to have a dip, but unlike the dogs im always thinking what is beneath the surface, im the type who hates dark waters, have to have a firm bottom to tread on with nothing to grab my feet like weed etc, at this moment in time i wish i was a dog, so i could go swimming, they are having fun and staying cool at the same time, i might as well have gone in as most of them have shook all over me, but the hose pipe will have to do me for now!

We did have a rowing boat of which was great fun and my lab welly loved going round the pond with me in this boat, but sadly the seams split and we started sinking, of which welly abandoned ship, and left me to get back to the bank alone!  im on the look out for one of those flat bottom fibreglass type, if you know of anyone who is selling one i would be interested.

Midge the border terrier has also enjoyed sitting in my water feature, a large metal trough with a mock well pump that sits outside of reception, she just looked so cute sitting there.

Sad news came from my mum and dad last night, they had to let Buddy their St Bernard go into forever sleep, he was 10 years old which is a good age for a St Bernard, and he had great life in spain and was never ill,  he was put on heart tabs about a month ago and perked up a bit, but it all came to head yesterday, he was finding it very hard to breathe and started losing blood from his mouth, they called the vet and sadly they had to let him go, my mum phoned me in bits while my dad and vet were in the other room, my mum couldn’t face it. He is now buried near his friends in the garden, my dad understandably is crushed as Buddy was more his dog, but hopefully Brie, Summer & Saffy their lab girls will help them through it., Buddy was one in million and we will all miss him very much x

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