'You must be MAD!!'

Posted By on July 3, 2010


I have so many people ask me when they come to view, ‘you must be mad!’ all the dogs barking, getting soaked in pond water then bathing them ,what makes you want to do this? Simple really, i love dogs!

The dogs only bark when there are viewings, its a case of stranger stranger or new dog!, oh and meal times can be an exciting time, but most of the time everyone is happy, regulars know us, and newcomers get to know who is supposed to be in and out very quickly, but Mr fox can sometimes stir everyone up a bit, but once all the dogs have said their bit and seen him off, job done and everyone settles, as for pond water, nothing a shower can’t fix for me and the dogs !

At the moment i have some beautiful dogs holidaying, Rudi & Blue….. black labs, Paddy.. Giant schnauzer, Stanley……Basset griffon vendeen, Alfie……golden retriever, Murphy…….golden retriever, Holly……..choc lab puppy, Dublin….. xbreed, Polly & Nobby………pointer & lakeland terrier, they are all great dogs and so much fun to be with, and have been on some really fun walks, and had lots of fun and games, so am i mad to be doing this or just lucky?  will let you be the judge of that!

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