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Boarding kennels…..  there are plenty to choose from in every county , but its down to your personal feeling at the end of the day where you choose for your dog to stay, in a perfect world we could take our dogs everywhere and they would all behave perfectly and everywhere you wanted to go or do welcomed your lovely dog with open arms, but sadly we don’t live in a perfect world !

So the dreaded world of boarding kennels  loom as your holiday or maybe a spell in hospital or even non dog loving family are due to visit  and you have no-one to care for your dog as usually a friend or other family member has always done the favour of having your four legged friend, but now can’t,  you may even have a rescue dog and feel terrified of putting them in kennels in case they feel abandoned again, maybe you had bad experiences in the past and you are now totally put off using boarding kennels (but please don’t be, we are not all bad )  The worst has to be friends telling you horror stories of their experiences and that their poor dog came home skinny and stinking of (well you know what i mean )  now you really start to worry, sometimes to the point of not wanting to go away!  so where do you start to find a good kennel for you doggy to stay?   The internet ? yellow pages ? Local press?? Notice Boards in the vets waiting room??

 Do your research and ask around , talk to other dog owners , groomers, vets, trainers , the best kennels are always usually word of mouth, they could be right on your doorstep and you would never know !  Now the most important bit….. once you have some names draw up a list of the ones you like the sound of and go visit, Fab Boarding Kennels work very hard to build up a great reputation but just because someone has said ‘i take my dog here, its the best place by far ‘ it may not be your idea of the perfect place, take your time when there to soak up the atmosphere, and look at the other guests, do they look happy and relaxed ?? of course they will bark when you go in, dogs bark at strangers, thats what they do, but once you go out of eye, they should soon settle, and use your nose, you should not smell poo or wee!!

Take a list of questions you want answers to, as sometimes they can be forgotten, and its not til your half way home you think ‘dam i forget to ask this or that!  its all well and good having fancy websites and beautiful pictures ( sadly sometimes these pictures are not even taken anywhere near the kennels ! )  you really do need to walk round and feel happy that you have found the right place for your dog to stay, and do this well in advanced if you can as the good ones get booked up early!!

 Some people choose the nearest to them, some people choose the cheapest ,and some people will travel miles and miles for a kennels they feel at home with, its all a matter of personal choice and what you want for your doggy.

So why should you consider us to care for an important member of your family…… your dog?

  • We are small, only 12 kennels so lower stress all round and great for first timers/ nervous types
  • We provide a personal service for every doggie guest

Our kennels are purpose built for the comfort of your dog ,thermostatically controlled full central heating/cool air system, even grade 11 tiles on the floor so they do not slip and slide, fantastic for older dogs who are not that steady on their legs, and tilled 1 metre up the walls for optimum cleansing.

Our smallest size bedroom is 5ft x 6ft with the garden room being 10ft x 6ft

Our largest size bedroom is 6ft x 6ft with the garden room being 10ft x 11ft

  • Emergency internal lighting (in case of power failure in the small hours)
  • Piped tranquil music (to help calm and soothe)
  • Lots of walks on and off our property (even when daylight ends, we have what we call ‘ moonlight walks’ in beautiful rustic surroundings.)
  • Nice and comfy isolation block for any guest that becomes poorly ( we hope never to use this !!! )
  • Owned and run by a family that have a genuine love of dogs!
  • Fully insured (on and off our property, and whilst in transit)
  • Light and airy (warm and cosy in winter months and cool in the summer months)
  • 24hr vets on call
  • Total freedom! (with your consent your dog can go for their walks off lead, YES off lead, no fences, no limits, no boundaries, just like they do at home!)  *please only give your consent if your dog has recall skills, if your consent is given and we feel they may not respond to us , they will be walked on long lead til we feel confident in letting them loose*

Please feel free to visit and would prefer you did before booking, we want you to feel happy about leaving them in our care. If you do decide you like us and what we offer, we promise that your dog will have a great time and not be on lock down for most of the time. Whilst they are in our care they are no longer your dog, for while they are here they become our dog!


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