How we are dealing with COVID-19 and what you need to know

A message from over the months of lockdown -


Just dropping in to say we are still open! In fact we have never closed!

We hope everyone has been keeping safe and well. I’m sure your doggies have been enjoying your company even more, we have missed them all so much though!

Whilst we are still open we have had to make some temporary changes to the way we do things here at the moment. This is for your safety as well as our own, of course your doggies being our top priority we want to make things as less stressful for them as possible.

The temporary changes we have made have been our decision as well as following the guidelines we have been given.

We are not allowing anyone into our kennel block, this is to make it safer and less stressful for us. We already do lots of cleaning so even more cleaning means we don’t get to spend as much time with our guests which to be honest makes us unhappy, so to allow us to spend as much time as possible with our guests collections and drop offs will be via reception only.

Please make sure your contact numbers are up to date with us as we will send you a text message a few days before we can expect your doggies arrival to explain how drop off and collections work. (Much easier to have it on writing!)

We do now however need to know a time we can expect your arrival on both collecting and dropping off your doggie.

This is to allow us to make sure everything is cleaned and sanitised for your arrival and to also make sure your time doesn’t clash with other people. We want to keep you safe and as we have people going to all different parts of the world we are taking as much care as we can when it comes to keeping you safe.

We ask you at this time to please limit the amount of people when collection and dropping off and only 1 customer is allowed into our reception at one time.

We are sorry to say that no unexpected visitors are allowed at this time either. All bookings etc...must be done via phone call, text message or email.

We are also sad to say we are also not allowing viewings at this time either. We understand how important it is for you to be able to come and meet us and see where your doggie will be staying etc...we normally encourage people to come and see us however for now we will not be accepting any viewings.

We hope to see you and your doggies again soon. For anyone else that needs to cancel their bookings with us and would like a letter for their insurance to claim their deposit back please ask for this at the time of cancelling so we can send that out as soon as we can for you.

It has been a very bumpy ride for us over the past few months and it’s not over for us yet!

To those that have done some lovely kind gestures to us thank you ever so much, we can’t thank you enough for your support!

See you all soon!

Important Information For You During COVID-19

Dropping Your Dog Off During COVID-19

July 2020

At the moment we are having to do things slightly differently, which means we now have guidelines we need to follow to help keep not only us safe but you too. 

We now ask for you to please notify us of the time we can expect your arrival. Please stay as near to the time you have given as best as you can, we understand travel delays but if you area bit delayed if a phone call or text message would be appreciated if possible to do so. It is important we know the time of your doggies arrival so we can make sure we have everything set up, clean and sanitised for both you and your dog.

When you arrive we ask you to please wait in your car until a member of staff has said its ok. 

Unfortunately at this moment in time we are not allowing anyone to come into the main kennel building. 

We will ask you to pop your doggies into the crate (which has been fully cleaned and sanitised for both you and your dog) at this time we will kindly ask you to remove any leads, harnesses, face halter etc... to be removed and to take this away with you. Your dog may only be left with his/her collar on. 

Once you have placed your dog into the crate you may then leave with us as we then again have to clean and sanitise the crate before we can welcome your dog properly. 

What Can My Dog Bring During COVID-19

July 2020

Bedding - At this time we also regret to say we are unable to accept any bedding for your dog. Please don't worry we have set up a comfy snug bed waiting for them in their room. 

Toys - Your dog is still allowed to bring their toys with them. We just ask for these to have been washed before your dog comes to stay. We do have a large variety of toys your dog can choose from if you would prefer.

Food/Treats - We are happy to say you can still bring your dogs own food as normal. We just asked for it to be in either the packaging you received it in or placing into something that can easily be cleaned. 

Medication - If your dog does require any medication we just asked for this to be placed into a container that can easily be cleaned.

Holiday's To Countries Removed From Exempt List

July 2020

If you have a holiday booked to go to any of the following countries below, giving the recent instructions we have been notified of is that returning from these countries you MUST self isolate for 14 days. 

Because of this it means you will personally not be able to come and collect your dog from us. 

You can either arrange for another member of your family or friend (who has not visited Spain with you) to come and collect your dog OR arrange for us to deliver your dog to you (this is not a service we normally offer)

Countries Removed From The Exempt List

  • Spain

  • Luxembourg

  • Andorra

  • The Bahamas

  • Belgium

  • Aruba

  • France

  • Malta 

  • Monaco

  • The Netherlands 

  • Turks and Caicos Islands

  • Brunei 

  • Malaysia

  • Austria 

  • Croatia 

  • Trinidad & Tobago