Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

After the finally completing our kennel build from ground up we opened our doors to our doggie guests on 1st December 2009.

Do You Live On Site?

Yes we do! In fact it's our home!

My pet has a special diet. Can their needs be accommodated?

Of course! You tell us your dog's needs and be sure to supply us with their special diet and we will follow your instructions to the letter. 
Top Tip - Always make sure you provide us with a couple days extra in case you get delayed.

How Many Kennels Do You Have?

We have a lovely even number of 12 kennels however we can board up 28 doggies if they are sharing with their family members.

What Can My Dog Bring With Them?

Your dog can bring whatever they like to make them feel more at home! 
But we just ask please leave bowls at home as we have all shapes and sizes to suit all here.

My Dog Is On Medication Is That A Problem?

No! We can administer tablets, lotions, potions & injections. 
We just ask for you to please provide us with more life style medication than needed in case you are delayed.

Are Your Kennels Heated?

Oh Yes!! and let me tell you its cosy. Our kennels are fully central heated just like home. No heat lamps or heat mats. 
In fact our system is that good in the summer months if needed our heating system turns into air con!

What Vaccination's Does My Dog Need?

All our guests must be fully up to date with their annual boosters & puppies must have fully completed their course and two weeks clear from their last vaccine. 
We do not require your dog to have had the Kennel Cough vaccine however if you do decided you would like your dog to have this, we ask for this to be done two weeks prior their stay.

How Far In Advance Do I Need to Book?

As soon as you can! Check out our 'How To Book' page for more information

What Age Does My Puppy Need To Be To Stay?

Your puppy must have fully completed their course and two weeks clear from their last vaccine.

What Is Your Daily Routine?

Our day starts at 6:30/7am. Our main priority at this time is for our guests to go for their morning poo & pee. 

So whilst they are wondering around the field finding the perfect spot, one of us is busy cleaning, refreshing water bowls, re plumping beds and preparing breakfast. 

Once that guests room is ready they are then settled back into their room and our next doggie guest is out, so on and so on. 

Once this is all completed we then let breakfast digest and we have our breakfast. 

Our walks then begin and this carry's on throughout the day. 

Winding down to the evening, excitement begins to build as dinner bowls start to clank and the sound of biscuits hit the bowl! 

After this time they are left to snooze of their dinner whilst we catch up on our stuff. 

Then back out again between 9/10pm for last poo & pee of the day, to be tucked back up in bed with a biscuit and a good night. 

My Dog Has Never Stayed In Kennels Before, Will They Be Ok?

Here at Crabbs Green Farm we will always give you our honest opinion of your dog's stay. 99.9% of our guests are very settled but if we think your dog is not settling and not coping we will tell you this. This doesn't mean they are not suited to kennel life, its just maybe we are the wrong place for them. But we do everything to make every guest feel loved, safe and very welcome.

Do You Offer Day Care?

We are afraid to say that we no longer offer day care as a service.