How Our Fee's Work

Our prices run over a 24 hour period, meaning 12pm – 12pm the following day.

Day of arrival – When the day comes for you to drop your dog off for their holiday we always appreciate a text or phone call just to say what time we could expect our new arrival. This is so we can make sure we are here to greet you and your dog. Your dog’s room is normally available from the time of opening however during busy periods we may not be able to accept new guests until the start of a new day (from 12pm).  So please make sure you have checked the time you wish to drop your dog off to make sure their room is available.

Day of departure – On the day of collection you can collect your dog in the morning. If you wish to collect your dog in the afternoon, please make sure you have checked this at the time either when you have made the booking or when you have dropped your dog off. Please be aware any collections made after 12pm will result in you paying for a new day.

Securing your dogs booking – If you wish to book your dog a holiday with us (which we are more than honoured to do so!)

All deposit's will be 50% of your booking cost.

For example booking total of £360 a deposit of £180 will be required.

If you cancel your dog's stay all deposit's will be transferable to any future bookings within a 6 month period from time of cancellation.

Cancellations or amendments must be done either by phone call, text message or/what's app.


*Please note all deposits are non refundable BUT transferable to other bookings.*

Cancelling your booking – If you wish to cancel a booking you have made with us you may notify us by either by telephone stating the date and time of your call along with details of your booking OR by text message with your booking details. 

Sharing a room – Only dogs from the same family may share, if you are friends with dogs wanting to share, please call us to discuss.

Garden Rooms – Dogs may have access to their garden rooms 24hrs if weather warm/hot, all other times we close up for bedtime around 10pm (ish) after last toilet trip!

Christmas/ New Year – Over  Christmas day, boxing day and new years day we charge double rates, meaning if you choose to have your dog stay with us over this time you will be charged the following –

1 Doggie £50

2 Doggies sharing £80

3 Doggies sharing £100

4 Doggies sharing £110

Please note the prices above are charged per night, Christmas day, Boxing day and New years day.

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