How To Make A Booking With Us

Just a quick guide when booking your doggie in for their holidays with us ~

  •  Step 1 ~ Have a little think to when you would roughly be looking into going on holiday.

  •  Step 2 ~ Grab the phone and give us a ring to see what spaces we have for the month you are planning your holiday (this saves your doggie any disappointment)

  • Step 3 ~ The exciting part for your holiday!

  • Step 4 ~ The exciting part for your their holiday! (And don’t forget to leave a deposit to secure your doggies room, you don’t want a disappointed dog)

  •  Step 5 - Receive your doggies conformation to say that their deposit has been paid and to confirm their holiday dates. (Please check all dates are correct, we only book the dates you have given us and nobody wants the break the news to the dogs if they are wrong!)

  • Step 6 ~ You and you doggie can now sit back and relax and count down the days until your holidays! It couldn’t be any more simple!

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