Always Make Sure You Are Happy & Comfortable With Your Choice.

We very much welcome you to come and look round our kennels. Our viewings are more than just talking and us showing you around, its feeling. Whilst you are having your viewing please make sure to soak up the atmosphere and vibe within and around our kennels as that will speak for itself!

And don't worry if you forget to ask something whilst you are here you can always text or call us with your forgotten question. Always remember no question is a silly question! 

We also encourage you to not just view our kennels but as many as you can to find the perfect place for your dog. ( You will know when you have found the right place.) 

Arranging Your Viewing

Our viewings are done by appointment only, this is so we can make that time just for you. We regret to say that viewing's without appointments will be turned away. 

Viewing's can be arranged via phone call or text message. 

We also limit our viewings to 3 a day to help keep our guests relaxed and as stress free as possible as strangers can upset our more timid guests. 

We only offer viewings

Weekdays (excluding bank holidays): 11am - 1pm 

Saturday's: 11am - 1pm

Please Note: Noisy/excitable/disruptive children will not be allowed in or around the kennels.

The maximum number of people allowed to view at one time is 2.